“Outdated and Dirty” meets “Clean and Efficient”

This old boiler was installed improperly from the start. It never worked as it should & burned inefficiently costing the home owner thousands in lost heat & performance.

After we completed our removal & installation of the new boiler, the customer has already reported plenty of hot water, comfortable temperatures, & decreased oil consumption.

It’s not always about just having a nicer looking installation. Sometimes it’s about proper sizing, installation and setup to achieve the most efficient and comfortable operation, saving you money and unnecessary downtime.

Neglected Maintenance
A dirty oil filter can stop a heating system fast. Believe it or not, even if the system is still working, the loss in oil pressure can cause loss of efficiency and even extreme carbon buildup.
This is what a newly installed oil filter will look like. A simple inexpensive part along with our multi-point cleaning and maintenance inspection will keep you running at peak performace all season.
* Ask about our Annual Cleaning Special! Cleaning your heating system now may save you hundreds in fuel consumption and service fees.
Seasonal Cleaning
A dirty filter, nozzle, pump screen, or just improperly adjusted burner can make the insides of your furnace or boiler look like this in a matter of hours.
justment, your heating system can function like new again saving you money.
*Looks can be deceiving. Sometimes your heating system looks and sounds fine on the outside, but do you really know how it looks inside? Schedule your seasonal cleaning now.
Tanks Behaving Badly – Improper Installs
No, this picture is not turned on its side. This tank is turned on its side and cannot properly take in expanding water from the system.

This is how your expansion tank should look when properly installed. This allows the air-pressure behind the diaphragm to take in expanding water from the system.

*Leaking gaskets or valves are not normal. Left unchanged, leaks can worsen, causing larger leaks or even system downtime. Contact us for a system inspection.
Water Heater Nightmares
This tank is not only plumbed sloppily, it leaked and shorted the electrical components nearly causing a house fire.

This electric water heater is properly plumbed and electrically safe.

*Water leaks not only cause rust, but also result in mold growth. It can also lead to wood rot, promote harmful insects, and (when in contact with wiring) can cause electrical shorts and fires. Aren’t sure about your water heater? See ‘fuzzy’ valves? Water on the floor? Contact us for an inspection and prevent future problems.

Water Heater Nightmares

When your filter is dirty, your pump screen is dirty – this is your final line of defense and in this picture, it’s filthy. This results in incomplete combustion and loss of efficiency. Eventually (and by that we mean nearly immediately) failure to ignite.

All of the parts from the oil tank to the chimney cap needs to be clean and functioning for the best possible efficiency and this part is exceptionaly dirty.

*Think of efficiency as getting as much as you can for your money. If you aren’t burning efficiently, you aren’t getting all you pay for. Call us today to set up your system cleaning and return to peak system efficiency!
What Is That Smell?
This furnace was not only showing its age, it had a cracked heat exchanger leaving combustion gasses into the home. This can result in as little as dirty walls as much as death.
This furnace not only looks cleaner, it’s safer, uses much less electricity and oil to opperate, and it moves much more air than the previous system.
*It is not normal to smell fumes from your heating system. At best, you may need a cleaning/tune-up. At worst, carbon monoxide poisoning may lead to health problems, and in extreme cases, loss of life. If you are worried about the health of your family or heating system, contact us today for a safety and reliability inspection.